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  • The dock line: Dia.: 1/2";Eye: 12";Color: White/Gold
  • Optional Length:15 Feet,20 Feet,25 Feet,35 Feet,50 Feet; Quantiy: 2
  • Working load limit: 968 lbs. / Breaking strength: 4,840 lbs
  • Premium double braid nylon dock line with spliced 12” soft eye and heat sealed bitter end
  • Nylon has great strength and shock load resistance and handles easily; it’s resistant to saltwater, gas, oil, acids, abrasion

2 Pack of 1/2 Inch Double Braid Nylon Dockline Mooring Rope Dock Line,968Lbs Saf

SKU: 192cbc68-6af3-447e-8d59-034a7f9f8e9e
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