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  • These boat bumper are made from marine-grade PVC,it features anti-corrosion, UV resistance.Seamless one-piece construction prevents from splitting up,they will last a long time.
  • The boat fenders 4pack has eyelets in both ends,you can hang it vertically or horizontally.Designed with vertical ribs,add protection strength.
  • The high-quality vinyl material makes the surface of the pontoon boat fenders smooth and translucent,and the incredible appearance performs well on your yacht.Feel soft not leave scuff marks on your hull.And this vinyl material can make the fender easy to clean and resist stain to keep the bright color all the time.
  • The package contains 4 pcs 6.5inch boat bumpers for docking,4pcs 6.56ft rope (3/8”diameter)for easy suspension,4 inflating needles and a pump to inflate,it means you don’t need to spend extra money to buy anything.
  • These well made,durable boat bumpers fenders play very important protective role in collisions caused by ships docking or sailing.Great for boats,Iuxury yachts and dock.boat fenders white could also be an excellent choice as an anchor buoy.

Boat Fenders 4Pack, Ribbed Twin Eyes Vinyl Boat Fender Bumpers, Boat Bumpers for

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