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  • The Bungee Dock Cord Line with a loop and hook at each end for easy attachment and quick docking. More convenient for docking than the traditional dock line.
  • Provide a security docking. The 4ft Bungee Shock Cords can stretch to 5.5ft, and the high quality material (stainless steel hook +PP PE rope) can hold 2200lb tensile strength.
  • The PVC transparent sleeve tube at one end to freely adjust the tightness of the rope.
  • Bright colors boat rope make the dock line easily be seen in the water, two EVA floating foam buoys protect it from scratching and sinking. Even if it accidentally falls into the water, it will be easily found and retrieved, avoiding loss.
  • The bungee cord hidden inside of the rope can absorb the shock better.

Bungee Cord Dock Line with Stainless Steel Clip Boat Rope Mooring String with Fo

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