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  • 【Nylon Material】Our SearQing dock lines are ideal for docking, mooring rope, anchoring, towing, camping, transport, pull cart and more.To tie your boat to any pier, slide, wharf or seawall, the correct rope is only nylon.It is very soft,strong,resilient and ​can resist the harmful sunlight(dock lines iving in the sun).Nylon does not suddenly tighten, but spreads the load by stretching.
  • 【Double Braid】Double braid is ideal for docking, combining decreased stretch with increased shock absorption, perfect for water crafts, small boats, and other water activities.Double braid is stronger than three-strand in durability, stretchability, and shock-absorbency. Double Braided Nylon does not kink or rotate under heavy loads.
  • 【Ultra Strength】5/8" x 20' dock lines with 15" eyelet. (*Working load limit: 1540 lbs. / Breaking strength: 7700 lbs.) Suitable for Kayak Pontoon Boats up to 40ft.Ultra strong with a higher tensile strength than other dockline materials. Our mooring lines will not wear out your boat during use.
  • 【Eye Splice】There is an eye hole on the end of the dock rope which makes a quick task of looping the cleat.the loop is more than long enough to fit any cleat and the ends are wrapped to prevent unwinding.(Professionally whipped at the eyelet throat, and heat-treated at the bitter end).Lasts multiple seasons without fraying or unraveling.15” spliced end loop so you can easily attach it to a dock or your boat’s cleat.
  • 【Customer Guarantee】SearQing offers a 4 pack of attractive looking boat line to adequately secure your boat to keep your boat safe in the slip, no tearing or unraveling.These lines are easy to handle and smooth to the touch. When mooring the boat, the knots hold well and when launching the boat, the lines are easy to unknot.SearQing is dedicated to provide excellent products for all customers. If you are not satisfied with our boat ropes, please contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Dock Lines Grade 4-Pack 5/8" X 20' Double Braid Nylon Boat Ropes for Docking wi

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