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  • Dia.: 3/8";Eye: 10";Length: 15Ft;Construction: Braid on Braid
  • Suitable for boats up to 25’ (*Working load limit: 660 lbs. / Breaking strength: 3,300 lbs.)
  • Premium double braid nylon dock line with spliced 10” soft eye and heat sealed bitter end
  • Double braid is ideal for docking, combining decreased stretch with increased shock absorption, perfect for water crafts, small boats, and other water activities
  • Nylon has great strength and shock load resistance and handles easily; it’s resistant to saltwater, gas, oil, acids, abrasion and resists sunshine better than all other synthetics

Give your boat a sharp well-kept look with premium pre-spliced Reflective double braid nylon dock lines.
Both the cover and the core are manufactured from the highest quality marine grade nylon giving you the strongest and easiest to handle line.
Whipped on the splice and bitter end.
Size : 3/8" * 15ft
Material: Nylon
Eye Splice: 12"
Safe Workload: 660 Lbs
Tensile Strength: 3300 Lbs

Pair of 3/8 Inch 15 Ft Reflective Double Braid Nylon Dockline Dock Line Mooring

SKU: 244e7013-7d7c-48ef-a3d4-82a7194bdf7a