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  • Professional double braided nylon splice.Dia.: 3/8", Eye Splice: 5".Sold in pairs.100% premium double braided nylon.Length: 6ft Premium Double Braid Nylon Fender Line.
  • Our boat fender lines double braided does not kink or rotate under heavy loads. When docking your boat it is essential that you limit the movement of your watercraft while absorbing any shocks created by waves.Ideal for securing boats in even in high waves and rough weather. Soft to touch and comfortable to handle.
  • -grade boat bumper rope is designed for use with boat fenders bumpers and can withstand extreme weather and saltwater with no breaking. It has heat-treated rope ends will not fray,can hang bumpers.They are holding up very well with rough waters and strong winds.
  • This fender lines for boats has 5 Inch pre-made eyelet so you do not need to worry about tying eyelet knots.
  • Not only used for fender lines,it is also great for camping, tying up trees, etc.


Double Braided Fender Line. Professional double braided nylon splice. Heat treated and professionally whipped at the throat and bitter end of the line to ensure long term durability. Size : 3/8" * 6ft , Eye Splice: 5", Sold in pairs.One loose end and one end with an eyelet. perfect length for tie offs or boat bumpers.


Pair of 3/8 Inch 6 FT Premium Double Braid Nylon Fender Line Boat Fender Lines f

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