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  • PEACE OF MIND - Our heavy duty inflatable fenders are made with the highest quality materials, offering the strength and resilience you need to safeguard your vessel.
  • BUILT TO LAST - With reinforced drop-stitch PVC and seams that are heat & pressure welded (stronger than glue), you can see and feel the difference.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - These rectangular fenders will not roll when compressed, and lay flat against your boat compared to standard round fenders.
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA - Our customers value our knowledge and experience in creating the right fenders for their needs. A perfect combination of function and design, the fenders are a stylish and practical addition to your docking apparatus.
  • Suitable for boat-to-dock protection, rafting, and shielding from potential impacts. All Elite Fenders come with a storage bag for transport. Recommended for boats 30-70ft in length.

Premium Heavy-Duty Inflatable PVC Fender for Boats and Yachts - with Strength Ba

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