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  • Boat shield and protection: The dock bumpers perfectly safeguard your vessel during waves and avoid boats from damage caused by the massive collision between hard surfaces. It could also be an excellent choice as an anchor buoy.
  • Reinforced eyelets: The boat fender is designed with reinforced eyelets on both ends. It could be instantly hung with lines either horizontally or vertically. The seamless one-piece construction avoids splitting up and extends service life.
  • Superb durability: The boat bumpers are made of premium vinyl with vertical ribs designed to add strength and have good resistance to punctures and tears and do well at UV resistance and gas tightness.
  • Simple and quick to use: The package includes four boat fenders, inflating needle, four ropes, and one hand pump. The fenders are easy to inflate and deflate. One person can quickly inflate all four fenders in 10 minutes without any complicated procedure. There are also four dock ropes for easy suspension.
  • Various applications: This boat fender does an outstanding job at safeguarding your vessel or boat. It is suitable for most small and medium-size boats such as canoes, pontoons, sailboats, etc.

Brand Introduction

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Product Description

4PCS 8.5" x 27" White Boat Fenders
Our fenders are made of high-quality materials and are designed to provide optimal protection for your boats and watercraft. Boat Fender features a ribbed design and reinforced rope holds, the right choice for use in boat locks and tidal areas. With the fender, it can remove your doubt or worry about the safety and protection of your boat.
Buffer Protection
This boat fender has a perfect buffer effect, protecting the boat from docks, obstacles, other nearby vessels, especially when speeds into the shore or docking.
Optimal Structure
The uniform wall thickness and ribbed body provide unsurpassed durability, increase strength, minimize rolling, and protect against abrasions.
Twin Eyelets Design
The eyelet is molded to prevent any ripping caused by the pulling and tugging of everyday use and providing the strongest hold in any circumstance.
High-quality Material
Made of high-quality vinyl, buoys for boat feature anti-corrosion, UV resistance, and fastness, effectively preventing attrition and collision.
Easy to Inflate
The boat fender can be easily inflated by using the inflator; no other complicated work is required. Four fender lines are included for easy suspension.
Wide Application
The large boat dock bumpers are easy to install and take off, ideal for boats, docks, small sailboats, yachts, sailboats, rowboats, etc.


Color: Whi