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Captain Diego Merch is here!

Ocean Inspired & Waterproof/Quick Dry Materials 

Socks - Shoes - Flops - Hoodies - T-Shirts 

  • Incorporate the latest in technology to bring you the finest looking, top performing protection and value for your dollar
  • Double molded black ends for added strength, seamless one-piece molded construction and molded-in rib construction
  • Molded in infusion valve for easy inflation

Super Gard fenders incorporate the latest in technology and design innovation to bring you the best protection. Super Gard fenders are made from the highest quality marine grade vinyl and feature a high gloss finish with rubber football needle valve.

Taylor Super Gard Inflatable Vinyl Fender:

Single Black Color High Quality Fender for Medium Boat (~25ft to 45ft)

SKU: 810dbe1a-00a3-4702-8085-26a93bcb786f
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