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Ocean Inspired & Waterproof/Quick Dry Materials 

Socks - Shoes - Flops - Hoodies - T-Shirts 

  • 4" overall length,7/8" open base.2" left to right, 1" top to bottom
  • Investment cast solid 316 stainless steel construction, durable in saltwater environment and good welding performance;
  • High polished surface for mirror-like appearance to match marine uses watercraft/boat/yacht,boat docks, decks, piers for tying up boats, kayaks, jet ski's,etc.Heavy-duty open base boat cleat with open base 4 holes.
  • It is also good for home decor and daily life application:for maritime, beach, garden, pool, coastal decorations; use them as cabinet pulls, towel hooks outdoors, rustic coat hanger, curtain tie-backs, nautical coat hooks,you name it.
  • Be aware that it comes with no screws, which is fine for whom want to use stainless steel with a specific length.

Stainless Steel Open Base Cleat - 4 Inch - 9995S4

SKU: bc710955-4eeb-4133-b824-13d790fdbf75
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