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Ocean Inspired & Waterproof/Quick Dry Materials 

Socks - Shoes - Flops - Hoodies - T-Shirts 


  • Gentle on your Boat: Won't scratch your gelcoat
  • Made in the USA: In beautiful Durango, Colorado, to be precise


Bendable Boat Fenders (aka bendable boat bumpers) are ideal for all types of boats in both saltwater and freshwater. A thin pliable sheet is sandwiched between layers of protective interior closed-cell foam, allowing the fender to flex or bend around your boat's hull or gunwales. Our “flat” fender design disperses pressure across the entire surface area, providing reliable coverage and a smoother docking experience. Fenders are easy to attach and to stow, won’t roll away on contact, and provide trusted, uncompromising performance. Your boat is an investment. Trust it with a premium fender. Our patent-pending bendable design Premium materials and heat-welded seams ensure durability Lightweight, extremely tough, and resistant to punctures, abrasion, and tearing Easy to stow when not in use Versatile design for alternate onboard uses and comfort Two (2) stainless steel grommets on top and bottom Comes with one (1) bomber and easy-to-use Silicone-Covered Cam Strap Fastener Sizing Bendable Boat Fenders are recommended for boats 14 ft. to 25 ft. long For all boats up to 60 ft., we also have Flat Boat Fenders (non-bending).