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  • Boat dock 5 inch 316 stainless steel deck cleat is aperfect choice to replace your plastic,nylon or broken fittings
  • Open base cleats is made of 316 stainless steel,maximum corrosion resistance and durability in the saltwater environmen,metallic silver,surface is highly polished
  • Kayak dock cleat overall length 5 inch,open base,easy line tie-off for any small boat,also good for home decor and daily life application
  • Marine cleat excellent perfect for docking a variety of small watercraft: bass, cruisers,bowriders, fishing, kayaks, jet, pontoon, dinghies,etc.
  • Package Includes:4 pcs boat cleats,stainless steel 10# mounting screws.We are always standing by to solve any of your problems,24-hour customer service,30-day money back guaranteed.

Boat Cleats 5 Inch 316 Stainless Steel Cleat,Mooring Accessories,Boat Dock Deck

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