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Ocean Inspired & Waterproof/Quick Dry Materials 

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  • NAUTICAL MARKING - DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders and Marker are mainly used for yachts or commercial vessels, where you’ll need these for extra protection, to mark waterways, swim areas, prohibited areas, etc.
  • STRONG PVC MATERIAL - All Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders and Marker are constructed with high-quality and flexible PVC. This guarantees the maximum amount of durability and security for your boat and gear in all weather conditions.
  • FEATURES - Each Heavy Duty Balloon Fender and Marker has a solid injection molded rope-hold for reliable strength and durability. B30 has 9.4” diameter (240mm), 12.6” length (320mm), 0.71” eye diameter (18mm), 29.9” circumference (760mm), and recommended for boats between 10-20 ft. in length.
  • RELIABLE INFLATION - All buoys come with a high-quality metal valve system for easy inflation and air hold. Just fill it up and you’ll be ready to go. Don’t overinflate your buoys and fenders! This will only weaken the products over long-term use. Only inflate the products to the stated specifications. You want the fenders & buoys to be solid but flexible enough to be able to press a small “dent” with your finger.
  • THOROUGHLY TESTED - Every single Heavy Duty Marker Buoy is tested for leaks ahead of packing and shipping. DAN-FENDER makes sure this quality is carried through all their products and has made sure to keep that level of quality since 1982.

- Heavy Duty round Balloon Fender/Marker - B30-A1, Eggshell - Ball Bumper for B

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