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Ocean Inspired & Waterproof/Quick Dry Materials 

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  • Nylon Cleat 4 inch ( 97mm overall length) Cleats,Material Type:High Impact Injection molded Nylon
  • Nylon Boat Cleats 4 inch is the smallest cleat we sale. about 4 inch (97mm) length,Please note its size. This is the smallest cleat. We offer 6" Nylon Cleat,8" Nylon Cleat, please find in our shop
  • Mooring Cleat 4 inch open base horn cleat easy to install. Open horn cleat do not come with mounting hardware.
  • Dock Cleat 4 inch (97mm)lenght ,About 7/8" center to center measurement of the holes
  • Black boat cleats 4 inch made using the highest quality components,surface is not polished,These cleats are excellent for boats and Kayaking

Nylon Cleat 4 Inch Dock Cleats Black Boat Cleat 4 Pack

SKU: 52a7afb1-e5ae-4a68-914e-30a4f09861bb
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